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de Lynn Creations


de Lynn Creations can provide alterations and adjustments on any piece and are based only upon exact measurements. Custom embroidery and monogramming is available for any piece of any size or style. Industrial strength alterations are also available.

At de Lynn Creations, we’ll alter

and adjust until your piece is

just right.  We take the time to make sure every stitch and detail are considered.

de Lynn Creations  will pickup and deliver...and can conduct on-site fittings and alterations. Sewing, design, and draping instruction as well as fabric selection can be arranged.

For most wedding gowns, de Lynn Creations  requires 6 to 8 weeks for fittings, alterations and adjustments to be completed.

For all other formal apparel alterations, de Lynn Creations  requires 4 to 6 weeks for fittings and alterations to be completed.